ClinFlex Customization™

Recruitment kits for study sites are important patient recruitment tools. Today, study teams are looking for cost-efficient, protocol-specific solutions. And our range of choices and flexibility of tactics is second to none. Through our ClinFlex Customization process, we assess study team needs and create customized programs from our always-expanding list of communications options. The result? Studies stay on track. Budgets are kept in check. And patient enrollment stays ahead of schedule.

Right-Sized Recruiting™

Merge creates exceptional messages that resonate with patients. Choose from at least 3 to 5 original layouts and select original or stock photos or illustrations. Right-Sized Recruiting is ideal for medium to large studies, needing comprehensive tactics and custom messaging.

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Sometimes studies are smaller and budgets are tight. With QuickStudy, you can select from easily customizable pre-designed quality templates that can work across multiple therapeutic categories. Choose from a “menu” of layout styles. Great for short timelines and “on-demand” digital printing.

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